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May 16, 2008


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I wish you could take some sort of test to show financial smarts and be exempt from SS tax and be free to invest it on your own. Or at least still pay the tax, but be able to invest it as we please.

On a roll eh FMF? ;)

I agree though... and IMO neither of the parties are providing policies that spend less. But, of course, I'll still vote.

I'm a government hater. I despise our system of taxation and all the lazy pissants who live off of it. In my view, almost all of the money is wasted.


I agree completely on the waste issue. If there is one thing that just drives me absolutely crazy, it's any kind of waste. Reading your post reminds of that movie, "Dave" (I think) with Kevin Klein and Sigourney Weaver. In a nutshell, Kevin Klein becomes president and has a meeting to cut billions from the budget for all the B.S. spending. He asks something like "why are we spending $2.1 million to make people feel good about driving their cars?" or something like that. Brilliant! If you haven't seen it, it's a fantastic movie - too bad they couldn't adopt it in real life. :)

I grew up in Flint, Michigan - a huge union town. So I grew up a Democrat. Then I served in the military with one tour at Headquarters where I saw big government in action. I left the military a libertarian.

The level of waste is egregious. Even the loyal, dedicated government employees, which are few in number, can't achieve much because of the bureaucracy and political infights.

Social Security started as a safety net in the 30s with only a 3% wage tax. During the 60s, the politicians decided to pander for votes and used a government surplus to extend Social Security to all. It was the Republicans, oddly enough, that really pushed for it.

We need to somehow make this an issue in the election. It is much more important than John McCain's age or statements made by Jeremiah Wright.

A mortgage is the transfer of an interest in property (or the equivalent in law - a charge) to a lender as a security for a debt - usually a loan of money. While a mortgage in itself is not a debt, it is the lender's security for a debt. It is a transfer of an interest in land (or the equivalent) from the owner to the mortgage lender, on the condition that this interest will be returned to the owner when the terms of the mortgage have been satisfied or performed. In other words, the mortgage is a security for the loan that the lender makes to the borrower.

I agree your thought. The things need to be sorted out because it’s not about the individual but it can be with everyone.


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