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May 07, 2008


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For any electronics I am always doing a thorough search online to get a better feel of durability and functionality. I've found to have very in depth and thought out reviews on just about everything. Even if I don't end up buying the product from there, I rely on this site more than others because of users honesty of reviews along with the shear number. Works well with products other than electronics, like makeup, teeth whitnening, car wax, Just about everything!

Another plug I have is for those shopping online. Always look if the site you are buying from gives an extra percentage back from either credit card shopping network, Upromise, gradgold. Although the small percentages don't add up very fast, its still free money.

Several times a product has looked well worth through my research on the internet and reviews on other sites. After reading what people have to say on amazon though, I realized it wasn't as good as it sounds and decided not to buy the product.

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