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May 22, 2008


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why is this even newsworthy? do you know how many daughters die every day? Its not just this guy I am ripping on. Its the media that thinks every person related to a celebrity is newsworthy. Just bugs me at times.

I'm responding to the comment posted by Rick. The fact of the matter is that this is a sad tragedy and any person who is a parent understands the pain that is encompassing the family. Things that are made public like this may just help another family work through their own loss. Its all how you look at it Rick.

I'll bet his kid is grounded for a while.

Rick --

It's news to me because I knew him personally.

It is unbelievable how cold-hearted some people have become (e.g. Rick, David).

Celebrity or not, when someone loses a child all other parents (those with a heart, that is) cannot help but feeling their loss.

The fact that their son accidentally struck the girl makes this story twice as tragic. Plus, the Chapman family has been very instrumental with the charity they founded in helping other families raise the funds to pay for foreign adoptions. They themselves adopted three little girls from China, and I believe their charity has assisted 17,000 families in coming up with funds to adopt. They are a beautiful family. Thank you for posting this!

Tragic... This man's ministry has had a significant effect on people's lives all over the world--mine included. I pray that he can find comfort through this trying time. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, FMF--it is entirely newsworthy, as far as I'm concerned.

Sad news. I have been touch my his music ministry. His song "I'll be Here" was the song that we use for our wedding. I pray for the family and specifically for his son who was driving the car that he can forgive himself and not blaming himself for the tragic accident.

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