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May 01, 2008


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One word:

In the past week I've given away two old lawnmowers, an old door, and I'm about to give away 4 old tires. All stuff that, otherwise, would have ended up in a landfill is going to be repaired and used by others in need. It's a great site.

Another shout out for

You can get a map of re-using groups around a location by going directly to:

The only obstacle is that you usually have to register with a yahoo group to see and make posts.

I've gotten rid of an old couch this way.

Note: It's, not .com

I could not imagine having a personal storage unit without being a student at university or in between moves.

Before just throwing it out though, try to turn a negative expenditure to a return. Ebay or donate and make the tax deduction. Not only will eliminating the storage unit save money, it could make you some money too.

They aren't kidding. There's also a mental and emotional cost to keeping all that stuff around, so when you add in the extra stress and it's effect on your health, who knows what the total cost ends up being...

Good post. I think eBay and Craig's List are good options to storage.

Better idea, try selling it on ebay. Turn it from costing you money to making you money

I am always telling my husband that he has too much stuff and he has suggested getting a self storage locker several times. I have put my foot down every time as I think it is an unnecessary expense. This spring he started reading a book called 'Getting Things Done' and it says you need to clear your clutter. At last he has been happy to have a big clear out and we managed to find a car full of stuff to chuck out, a car load for charity and a car load to give away. We still have tons of stuff but we now have a few clear shelves, a clear attic and the house is more tidy.

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