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May 01, 2008


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I think it makes sense for men, but not for (most) women. I became SO tired of trying to use shaving cream/gel and not get it all over the place nor wash it away before I was done. After I tried a women's razor with built-in "moisturizer" bar (I think it's the Schick Intuition), I decided I'm willing to pay the extra money for a hassle-free shave.

Actually, many women use DE razors. My wife, her mom, and her sister have been using a DE for a couple years now. My wife says she gets a closer shave and so she has to shave less, another cost savings!

I'll go one better! I watch the drug store sale papers each week. They always have rebate deals on things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, makeup, RAZORS, etc. I usually don't even pay for a razor in the end because I get the rebate back. This still means that if I can pick up a razor once per month on rebate, I can use a new razor each month. Also, a lot of times you can find a package deal where there's an extra refill blade or a sample sized can of shaving cream. And, even if blades are the only thing on rebate one month, you can still pick those up to use with a free razor you got a few months back. I just can't bear to part with my money when it comes to razor blades!

I've been using a DE for several months after seeing the DE razors posted on Cool Tools. I LOVE it. Besides shaving better and causing less irritation, it causes me to scoff in grocery store everytime I pass the razor section. It's hard to believe I used to actually pay that much for cartridges! And yes, my girlfriend uses it too.

I heard that if you dry your razor after use (a towel works, but a hairdryer is especially effective) it can last over a year (a plain old safety razor). Apparently it isn't the cutting that dulls the blade, but the water left on the blade makes it rust or go dull somehow. I haven't tried this, but I heard Clark Howard on the radio talk about it and he said he had been doing it for months with the same razor.

I have used a mug and shaving soap for over 30 years. I'm on my second brush, which hopefully will last another 20 years or so.

I'm intrigued by the DE razor discussion. I might have to try it.

Steve - do you just use regular shaving cream/gel or use the brush too? I checked out the website above, but the whole brush/soap things looks considerably messier than a can of shaving cream, not to mention having a wet brush laying around. Just wondering about the logistics of the whole process. I just use plain old disposable 2 blade razors now - not the greatest, but I don't get a ton of growth.

I don't pay for my razors. There are so many free razor deals on the internet that I just keep an eye open and sign up for them whenever I see one. It usually lasts me until I need a new one. Of course, my razors last a good month or three, so it isn't as difficult for me.

Another tip for saving a little money with safety razors is to not use shaving cream. I just use a bar of soap that I got in the body care section for face moisturizing and lather it up after getting into the shower. It works just as well as shaving cream, lasts much longer, and costs less. My wife just uses regular bar soap for her legs, I think.

I hate shaving. HATE. I've considered using double-edged razors to save money, but that still requires that I shave.

Another option to consider is laser hair removal. It is still pretty expensive, but given the numbers in the post above, substantially cheaper than using razors. I've had this done on the front of my neck already (because I used to get really bad irritation on the front of my neck) and have been very happy with the results. I'm just being a little more cautious about my face because it will be PERMANENT and I want to make sure I want it. I've spoken to a few guys who have done it and they wholeheartedly recommend it.

For the time being, I'm using a twin-bladed disposable and I shave dry (no water, no gel), so the razors usually last a month or more.

Matt --

How about growing a beard? ;-)

I've certainly considered it! I've tried beards and goatees a couple of times, but they always came in sparse and scratchy. I never kept one longer than maybe 4 months.

I also forgot to mention that I've also tried depilatories. They didn't work on my facial hair and were very irritating.

FORGET SHAVING CREAMS/GELS ! JUST SHAVE WITH A DISPOSABLE 2-BLADE BIC W/MOISTURE STRIP....IN THE SHOWER !! Just close your eyes, face the shower head, and you'll get the job done with no discomfort. You'll be amazed just how lubricating plain hot water is for shaving. At most, I'll spend $10 a year on two bags of drug-store brand disposable (buy one, get one free) razors, and not a dime on foam or gels.


The brush/mug setup isn't messy at all. It takes up no more space than a can of shaving cream, it gives a nice smooth shave and is much more environmentally friendly than all those cans in the landfill.

I get all of my razors free also. There are free samples here and there online, but mainly I get free after rebate razors from Rite Aid, Walgreen and CVS (usually it's a combination of a rebate or instore credit, combined with a manufacturers coupon). This way, all I pay is sales tax. I have so many that I can't even use them all. Walgreen also has free shaving cream with some purchases.

rwh: "Steve - do you just use regular shaving cream/gel or use the brush too?"

I use the brush and cream and make my own lather. I LOVE it. I think it's fun, firstly. It also works better for me and I can work all the lather in without irritating my skin. I don't think there's much cost savings over using a can, but I enjoy it much more and just consider it part of what makes the whole DE experience so different. It's not messy, I actually consider my cans messier. The only advantage cans have over making it yourself is you don't have to spend a minute preparing it. When I'm done, I rinse everything off, put the brush upside down hanging off the side of my bowl, and razor inside (I use a ceramic rice bowl).

To everyone else: There's a line between economical and obsessing over saving money. I am too busy to keep an eye out for every sale that comes around. I'll just pay for the $10 in blades every year and be done. It's really not worth it, IMO, to have to hunt down everything that can be had for free after MIR. But to each their own.

Does anyone know of a website or anywhere women interested in DE can get information from? There is a ton of info available specific to men, but not as much women. I'd like to try it but want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I buy the stuff and/or accidentally cut myself severely doing it the wrong way.

This might be a good Father's Day present for a new daddy - ME. For a newbie what's a good set of supplies to start off with? I looked for the Merkur HD they mentioned online, but it seems like it's sold out everywhere. Thanks for the help.

I am going against the grain here, but I like the feel I get from the Fusion much better than what I used to get from the Mach 3, which was better than whatever came before it.

It may cost me money, but it feels a lot closer and takes a reasonable amount of time. Adding time to my morning routine is not a good idea.

I have been trying the idea of drying off the blades after use, though I haven't tracked it close enough to know if that really helps.

I bet you could also save a lot of money by using the pages from the JC Penney catalog, but I think I will go with the real thing there too. :)


Sara- I tried looking but all my usual sites are sold out as well. Try for advice and recommended starter supplies.

Kevin- If just using a DE razor, there is no additional time added; it's just using a different razor. Also, I didn't know using a straight razor wasn't considered the "real thing". =)

Also, I just realized I keep responding to the wrong people because their names are under, not above the post. hah!

I gave this a try about February of this year. I have to say, without a doubt this has been the best system by far! Using an old school razor like the Merkur instantly got rid of an embarrassing rash I had developed where a mustache would grow (but I hate mustaches so I'd rather show a rash...odd).

After a few weeks, I decided to do the mug of shaving soap and got a cheap badger brush at the RiteAid, Eckerd, whatever it's called. The soap has lasted me 3 months so far, and I get a much better lather than with the Barbarasol or the foams.

I can't believe I used a Mach 3 for so long! everytime I see that new one on TV with 4 blades and the electric razor I think of what suckers we have become in the latest and greatest for something that never needed to change in the first place!!

The soap is great. It costs about $1 and lasts for months. It gives a great lather.

Steve: I'm not sure what you mean by making your own cream, but a little cake of Williams soap in shaving mug makes with a brush makes all the lather anyone could ever need.

Um, what about electrics?
Admittedly, I am a light-beard, so my saving needs are minimal. When I shaved with a razor, I usually only needed to shave every 36 hours or so. But I bought a $50 cheap rechargable electric shaver back in 2004. I shave about the same frequency I did with a blade, and I've only changed the blades once, and that cost me $20. A charge lasts about a month, so negligible electricity expense, but let's say I've spent $5 over the course of its life. I don't use any skin toner or aftershave, so there's no consumables. It takes about 40 seconds (as opposed to 3 min with a blade). It's not blade close, but my wife (who is tremendously stubble-averse) doesn't complain.

So let's see, $75/(365*4)= less than a nickel a day. There's just no comparison.

rwh - Sorry for the confusion, that is what I meant. I don't use soap though, I use the tubes of cream and mix the proper amount of water in to lather it up.

Michael B. - The Blades in electrics *are* supposed to be changed, and they aren't cheap. You must be a lucky guy to be able to shave with the same blades for so long and not have tons of irritation everytime. Not to mention a lot of people just straight up don't like electrics for the same reason. I personally cannot use one.

I have an Atra Plus razor that I bought probably more than 10 years ago. I buy generic replacement blades for it at Wal-Mart, I think it's about $3 for a 10 pack. I stock up because Wal-Mart seems to be out of them half the time, so I've got 5 or 10 packs of them.

I've also tried the Clark Howard towel dry method, but I usually toss the blade after a week or two once the lubricating strip disintegrates. I might do better if I used the hair dryer method or the little battery powered razor dryer he's talked about on his show.

I buy whatever cheapo shaving cream is on sale when I need it (though I don't buy Barbasol, it's not a rich enough lather for my taste), usually it's about $2 per extra-tall can. A can probably lasts about 3 months.

So let's see, that works out to about $23 per year. Not a bad deal I think.

I'm definitely not the Mach XII Nuclear Fusion type, I can't imagine paying more than a dollar for a razor blade cartridge.

Can anyone give me information on where online you can get free razors?


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