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May 09, 2008


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how much time is spent in this process.. from honing to stropping to ordering new paste... sounds like the convenience factor out weighs a non inflation adjusted 7600 in 30 years... just use the cartridges longer

I've switched over to safety razors from Merker. It's great, only cost me $25 to start off and the blades cost about $5 for 10. They're double sided razor blades. I also picked up a brush from The Body Shop and some shave cream. The shave cream is lasting forever! Also, the brush feels great and I haven't had any skin problems. It's all natural stuff so I think it's helped my skin. It only takes about 10 minutes in the morning. Cheapest and best alternative in my opinion.

The savings wouldn't be so great for me. I replace cartridges once about every 3 weeks sometimes more. They cost about 1.25 each when I get 25 at a time. The cost of the shaver itself is negligible. I bought one like 4 years ago and still use the same one. That costs me about 21.25 per year total. I'll make it 23.00 to include the shaver itself. I think that little bit of extra money is worth it to have a quicker shave with less hassle.

I think that straight razor shaving is only good if you really enjoy the process of shaving... which I don't.

Additionally, I would be too afraid of cutting myself.

After years of being a "wet" shave purist I discovered the best way to save money on shaving: Electric. I spent around fifty dollars for an inexpensive Norelco. It costs pennies to charge. Nothing else to buy -- no cartridges, no soap or cream. I get a close shave with no cuts, no irritated skin, no razor bumps. Fast and convenient, no sink, no water, no mess. Even with the eventual cost to replace the shave heads it beats a wet shave hands down.

coupons--- if you watch the paper every year around Spring there are 100's of offers for free razors and shaving gel/cream. My hubby has forbidden me to "purchase" anymore until next year because we have a cabinet full....

Some days I wish I grew enough facial hair to worry about the economics of shaving. (For a caveman, my face is atypically bald.) I shave twice a week and my cartridge blades last nearly a month a piece.

I agree with Tim. Electric is the only way to go. It's cheaper than standard blades in the long run, saves you time (which equals money) and is much more convenient. Blades only need to be replaced about once every 6 months (or longer) and it does the job sufficiently.

Straight razor shaving is great. Shaving with an "old timey" double edge razor is great. Most men today don't enjoy shaving because they don't make it enjoyable. Foam or gel from a can are not enjoyable. But take a comfortable badger brush and whip up lather from a quality shaving soap or shaving cream and then you can begin to understand that shaving is not a chore, but a privilege to enjoy. Racing to "scrape" your face against the clock is drudgery.

I recently read that the secret to keeping a disposable razor sharp is to completely rinse and DRY it after each use.

I agree with the electric razor crowd. I really push my blades and they do a decent job even up to 5 YEARS old (although when I get new ones I can tell the difference). I spend $30 at Walmart to buy a new razor every four years (new blades are $28.99, a new razor with blades is $29.99). So my cost every 10 years is about $60.

I've made the switch from disposable gilette razors to a double-edge merkur razor in April and never looked back since. I was really scared of cutting myself after reading about those stories about being really careful the first time. It was fairly easy to learn and once you have a good technique, with the correct angle and a good lather, it's a walk in the park. The shave is also closer, much more smooth, better for the skin (using natural shaving cream vs the chemical one in a can) and it's sooo much cheaper. Sure, the initial cost for the razor is a pain, but afterwards, all you have to buy is a pack of ten razors. One blade lasts about 2-3 weeks for me, as I shave every 2-3 days.

I'm glad I've switched, I'm saving up and it's a much better experience to shave now :)

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