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May 19, 2008


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I've actually read the opposite about cruise control - especially on hilly or curvy roads. The throttle seems to jump up and down so much it isn't as big a saver as keeping the accelerator constant with your foot.

Kevin: I've read that THE ONLY time that cruise control doesn't help mileage is on especially hilly roads. I guess if you're one of the puls and glide supermilers, that's better than cruise control too. Every source I've read says that on generally level open highways, cruise control is usually best for mileage because you don't have the tiny bits of surging that a human driver would do.

Oh, and normal sensible driving always applies:
Try to keep constant speed.

Don't drag rice from stop light to stop light.

Let your car coast up to a red light instead of accelerating up to it just to throw on your brakes.

Keep tires inflated properly.

Do errands at one time because a warm engine is more efficient than a cool one.

Don't bother with higher octane unless your manufacturer requires it.
On that note, don't get a car that requires higher octane fuel.

I mentioned this on another post last week, but I noticed I get between 5 and 10% better gas mileage by using the straight 87 octane gasoline instead of the 87 octane 10% ethanol. Where I live the ethanol is subsidized 10 cents a gallon. That doesn't make up for the decrease in mileage, and the higher the price of gas, the more ethanol costs compared to straight gas in real terms.

Slowing down helps a lot. I drove over 500 miles this weekend and kept the interstate speed at 66 (70 speed limit) and the two lane speed at 60 (55 speed limit). I got 41 mpg in my Honda Civic.

Quit the stop-and-go mentality. I love people who gun up to the speed limit only to hit the brake 100 feet later because of a light or a bend. Coast more, gun less. Unless you drive a hybrid with regenerative brakes, every braking is literally wasted gas. (Not to mention additional wear on your brakes.)

rwh is right'd be amazed at how much you can save by slowing down. My average gas mileage has gone from 21 to 25 just by going about 65 on the freeway instead of 75. There's a nifty calculator at

I have also seen how my mileage has increased as I have been slowing on the freeway. You still see many cars zipping by you but that is ok with me. Once we hit traffic in Los Angeles, we'll all arrive around the same time anyways. =)

I only follow two methods on saving gas. Driving slow And not turning the air condition.

Check out the insane mileage you could get by hypermiling...

Remember what they did in 1974 during the oil crisis? (I wasn't alive, so I don't remember, but I read about it!) Enacted a federal law mandating speed limits of 55!

It's common sense! Something there's very little of in Washington now...

If you're overweight, you could save on gas by hitting the gym. 25 pounds extra in the car hurts your mileage the same, whether it's from excess junk in the trunk, or, excess junk in YOUR trunk.

I enjoy the forum's comments, and I would like to add, claims that “human release of greenhouse gases is damaging our climate.” I think these claims have merit. Well how can we help reduce green house gases. One way is to release cleaner emissions into the atmosphere. Just think if you only needed gasoline and water to run your present auto. Will save on gas & cleaner emissions for the environment, with new water
power technology ITS EASIER THAN YOU THINK.

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