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May 21, 2008


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I've often been tempted to take these offers in order to save some cash on an initial first purchase. I'd like to sign up, get the 15% off, then cancel it a month later. Does anyone know if doing this would negatively affect my credit?

" At 100,000 points, you get a trip to Canyon Ranch spa or a $2,500 gift card. "
This is off-topic, but I stayed at Canyon Ranch spa in Lenox, Ma in Berkshires once. It was in fall of 1990, and it didn't cost me a penny. Won a three night stay for two in a raffle held in a local health club. The stay included a large room with two full beds, all meals, tips, use of facilities and those of the activities that didn't carry additional cost (e.g. exercise classes or hiking but not massage). Lenox is about 3 hours drive from where I live, so I invited a friend and we drove there. We didn't buy any additional activities as they seemed overpriced - I guess we are cheap, but the prices seemed too ridiculous. So we didn't spend any additional money except for gas and coffee at a cafe in Lenox (Canyon Ranch didn't consider coffee a healthy drink, so the coffee they served there after breakfast was pretty terrible). All in all it was an interesting experience - beautiful grounds and the surrounding area, good food, two swimming pools, fantastic service. It's not something I'd pay that much money for, but it was definitely worth the price I paid :-)

Yes! Be careful. Ever get the offers to transfer balances for zero percent interest, yet you miss the fine print and are immediately charges 3-4% of the balance you are transferring. Now that may be a great deal if you have a large enough balance and intent to pay that balance off before getting hit with the finance charge...which by the way starts to accrue with most of these offers from the day the transfer occurs, of course, not charged to you on any part of the balance that is paid prior to that time. Be very careful. A true discount is a discount with no strings. It tells you up front in clear terms what the costs and savings are before you make the purchase and not in tiny letters and in comments that appear at the bottom of the advertisement. Great article!

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