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May 09, 2008


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Wow, you got all that done for $700. It cost us $700 to complete just our will 6 years ago.

I used Nolo to form a Living Trust for my wife and I. I'd like to have both (our will and trust) reviewed by an attorney. Is that (doing it yourself) how you kept your costs down?

Cyto --

I used a trusted friend who just started his own firm (friend + no regular legal overhead = low fee.)

It definitely helps to know someone to keep costs down. We went to my husband's former Wills & Trusts professor - he gives former students a 50% discount.

I agree with you, FMF - the most important thing about a will is making sure the kids are taken care of. I was pretty prompt about updating our wills after each birth just to make sure the kids would get the guardians we chose. As much as I care about our finances, I don't think I would have been as prompt about updating had it just been money at stake ...

In the end, was the experience as painful as you thought it might be?

Unfortunately, I've experienced witnessing too many instances where clients didn't have Wills or Living Trusts in place and chaos ensued over something that could've been taken care of rather painlessly (at least in my opinion) ahead of time.

Ricardo --

The only painful part was reading pages of legalese once he drafted our initial documents. ;-)

You've really put effort into making your preparations. If more of us put that kind of care into making sure things would flow smoothly, things would be a lot easier on our families.

This way, you know that your kids will have the funds they need to continue their education and have their other needs met. Your family won't know what to do if one of you meets with serious illness or is involved in a sudden accident.

considering all that you did, you got a reasonable price from the professionals who helped with the work.

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