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June 30, 2008


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Good story, thanks for posting. I've actually checked out his site before after reading the Badger & Blade forums and getting interested in DE shaving.

Thanks for sharing this reader's story. There is definitely a lot of financial opportunity floating around out there, sometimes in places people would least expect. It's always inspiring to read various approaches to establishing a successful small startup.

It's almost too easy, yet so hard... to stumble upon an idea that works. Glad this reader has had success... and I wish we could all find something just like this!

An excellent story. We all like to read about everyday people like ourselves who are not afraid to invest some time in thinking...and some courage into establishing a niche business. By turning his hobby into a business with the intent to make a profit, this writer now has the potential to convert ordinary purchases into tax-deductible business expenses that could allow him to keep as much as $5000 more from his paycheck. He'll do this legally, legitimately, and with the blessing of Congress. He's found the simplest way to stop cheating himself and his family from keeping his own money.


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