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June 18, 2008


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And.. my personal favorite: Event Entertainment! Kids are naturally artistic. The older we get, the harder it is(for some of us) to express ourselves. However, for most kids artistic expression comes naturally. Most kids can learn basic balloon art, face painting and basic entertainer skills in a day or two.

I know many young adults who worked alongside their parents, professional clowns, while growing up. In about 3-5 years those "kids entertainers" were able to buy their own real estate, all from their personal earnings as event entertainers.

Granted, not everyone's mom or pop are clowns. The solution is to find a local pro event entertainer and intern for them.

one other place to look for work is at your school, and you can get paid. When i was finishing middle school and in my early high school days, i worked for my school's theatre department (our school's theatre was also a cultural arts center and had professional shows). I build sets, did lighting etc. because it was through school, all i had to do was have my parents sign a sheet saying it was cool that i was working.

I would like to add data encoding (I've done that). Volunteer work is great for personality growth.

My teenage son is doing interior house painting. He learned to paint at our house, painting along-side the rest of the family when we painted every room. Great skill to have.

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