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June 23, 2008


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I tend to give to organizations that need it the most at the time. For example the earthquake relief. I also like to give when I get to go to a fancy fundraiser, because the quickest way to my pockets is through my stomache. In the end, I have given more this year than the past 3 combined.

The amounts I give have, and most likely will continue to, increase year after year. This is because most of my giving is in the form of paying for education for very poor children who would otherwise not be able to get it. The amount is pretty much set each month until it increases or until I pay for another child. If it came down to needing to reduce my expenses for whatever reason, I would readily give up "luxuries" in my life so others could have basic food and education.

Given more, but probably not as much in proportion to my increase in income as I would like. I'm working on that.

As our income increases, so does our giving. We're currently giving away 10%, and that percentage roughly stays the same.

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