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June 25, 2008


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Want to keep costs under $7k? Try Vegas or the courthouse. What a joke.

I guess I need to start thinking of "creative" things I can sell on Ebay to put towards our new house.

My wife and I got married in 1997 at a cost of about $4,500. That included our wedding bands (no engagement ring), her wedding dress and our honeymoon (4 days at Disneyworld). We were married in a chapel in front of family and friends (about 40 guests in all) and had a reception and wedding cake. We had everything we needed to make the day special for us.

Now, I can understand inflation and so forth, but I still don't understand why people spend so much on this day. My wife and I are far happier that we saved our money and will be able to retire comfortably in our early to mid 50s. Had we spent $50,000 on our wedding, that would have set us back quite a few years.

The key there is "if they wanted to." Sounds like they want a traditional wedding, and the booking & food for that type of thing is expensive.

I hope they're not going into debt to pay for it, though.

Well... I looked up the auction... Ebay Item Number: 300234889876

As of 1:30 on June 25th the top bid is $5,100!!!!!

Pretty good if you ask me and this may even cover the cost of the entire wedding.

Tom --

Just goes to show you -- if you get the publicity, you can sell almost anything.

Of course, she still needs to collect.

Very true!!... we all know how many of those high priced auctions end up... High bidder can't pay or only bids as a joke and the whole thing gets pulled...

That's the people that add fuel the US economy: They spend on things they can't afford!

5-star hotels in Vegas cost around $3,000. That at least includes a pianist and a 100-people venue.

aa: That's great, if you're in Vegas. I spent more than half our wedding budget on the reception venue (at a country club in the off-season, which included the food for 125 people - about $6000 total), and as far as I can tell, I got a pretty good deal for central Massachusetts.

Paying to be a bridesmaid?!?!? I could barely get my bridesmaids to pay for their dresses in time...

Yeah, I agree with Finance Girl. I was shocked to read this considering I have NO IDEA why someone would pay to be another person's bridesmaid whom they don't even know. What sort of benefit would this person receive for their money???


Wow, the auction almost over and it's over 5K!!!! Who actually would pay to be a bridesmaid? It sucks!

I am doing it!!! I think it is a great idea!! i am auctioning a spot to walk me down the aisle. I have no one to do it and recently lost my job wedding in 2 months.. Seems like a good idea to me!

my wedding is only going to cost me around 2000 and i cant even save that at 10000 dollars a year income please 32000 would be a dream quit complaining . full time jobs are hard to come by . especially when you cant afford college and if you can your job schedule is so screwed up you cant go or else your out of a job .

Katie, you said your wedding is going to cost 2000. Can you tell me what you are doing that your wedding will be so low cost? I am trying to plan a wedding, and can't wrap my head around paying $80-$100 buck a plate for my guests at the local Holiday Inn!

My fianc'e and I have been together for seven years now and weve finally decided to get married, since none of our parents are helping we are doing this solo. We have two beautiful little girls ages 5 and 2. We both work full time and we still havent been able to pay off the wedding.With just over three months left, We have almost 2300.00 left and that is not including flowers and the officiant. without an officiant what is the point Right? If someone can lend a secret or help I would greatly appreciate it.

I have eight montes TO my wedding and im still trying TO figure out where TO begin. I have a lot ideas on how TO raise money but i would never auction off a bridesmaids position, its to personal.

Well me myself im planning now and trying to stay in a budget of $4000-$5000 but to auction off any spot so tacky !

Planning a wedding for $2000 is not hard at all. I'll tell you though having people who are more than willing to help is amazing. You can make almost everything you need as that includes food and decoration. I think the thing people have the most trouble with.... is wanting to save tons of money.....but still have a lot of things out of budget. You have to pick that price your willing to spend and stay in it. Don't even look at things you can't afford cause it will only break your heart.

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