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June 15, 2008


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You are correct that most people have a poor view of money because they don't realize that God owns everything.

I'm convinced, though, that the Tithe (of 10% or whatever) is not a New Testament concept.

I think that the idea of a Tithe restricts peoples giving way to much. People think that if they give 10% they are doing what they need to do. Instead, we should be giving much more than 10%. 10% may be a good start, but we should never settle there.

The tithe by definition is 10% anything over that is an offering.

I got a better understand of tithing when I had my own children. I give things to my 5 year old and ask her to share it with her little brother. Not surprisingly, her idea of sharing is breaking off crumbs for her brother and big bites for herself. I have to remind her that she can be generous with her brother because I will see to it that her needs are met, even if it means buying another cookie.

Likewise, God has given us things that we might be generous with our brother and He promises our needs will still be met. I still think that we should know the people we support but God is faithful to keep his promise.

The tithe is part of 'old' covenant based on the law of the Old Testament. The new covenant of grace is based on new and better promises. The problem I have with preaching the title is that churches today struggle with the same financial mistakes as the entire culture. Tithing to a mega-churches and multi-million dollar pastors is not 'giving' to the Lord. I am not against the tithe, just pastors that use the tithe to get money for their pet projects or high living standards. Some say that the bible says to give to your local church, but what does that mean? What if your local church is a home church? What if the church you attend supports a lot of things that you do not agree with?

Therefore, I don't tithe to my church, in fact I don't even tithe. I don't keep track of exactly how much money I give each month and make sure it's 10%. Instead, I give much more then 10% to ministries that are leading people to Christ much more effectively then the modern day churches in America. I give to the poor and needy. I give to my extended family. I give to anyone that I know that has a need (that is not lazy).

I have been on church boards that decide how to give out money, I believe me I don't want some board of people deciding how to give my money away - when I can give it away just better. And then I can watch it change lives.

The two irresolvable problems with the tithing that cannot be over looked are:
1) Pastors use it to manipulate people and spend money foolishly
2) People that tithe think they have done their work, their good dead and their job, yet we are not saved by 'works' but by faith alone. Jesus called us too much more than the tithe. He called us to follow after him and give everything as he has done - to pick up the cross. Preaching the title leads many people to get this mixed up.

The Scriptures always used say that tithing was still a part of the Mosaic system being acted out at the time the words were written (or when Jesus spoke in the case of the Gospels). This doesn't prove a connection to Christian expectations which were after that system.

The other thing commonly referred to is Abraham and Isaac, but they only tithed once that we know of, not on an ongoing basis. They may have tithed more, but to who?

Also saying the local church is the only storehouse does not logically follow.

I do give at least a tenth (at least in general), but I remain unconvinced by the arguments for it since they lack full Biblical authority. That is what I have based my life on and how can I believe and push something that lacks that authority?

I do know that I am definitely not under a curse, whether I tithe or not. Teaching that is being ignorant of the full price Jesus paid to redeem us from the curse of the Law.


After reading Curt and Brads posts, and not trying to judge them, but rather commenting about my frustration of how todays church has missed the boat on tithing.

When we say "It doesn't belong to me anyway" or "God owns it all" we are free from worrying about how the church uses the money. That is God's responsibility to make sure it is managed correctly. If you belong to a church that cannot manage it's finances in a God honoring way, it is your responsibility to prayerfully consider whether you belong there or not. If you can't see God in it enough to give Him back some of His money, I doubt whether you see Him there at all. So why waste God's time too???

The most important aspect to giving is our motivation and attitude of the gift. Not how much it is. If these are wrong, we just wasted the money. Sounds like sin to me.

The point is that churches are ALL full of people struggling with sin. Satan does a very good job at confusing all of us. Join a church that ministers to you. Get involved in that ministry. Grow in your faith, and let God take care of the ugly stuff.

I just hope we would ALL tip God better than our waitress!

Praise God! He wants to free me from the ugly stuff... If only I will let Him!

God Loves You and So Do I!

Since we are all human beings, and sinners and not perfect, none of us could possibly tithe correctly. Those who say they tithe 10% and hold thier heads up high are violating other versus in the Bible concerning boasting about tithing and judging others. These people would be better off not tithing at all. Those who tithe 10% and do it grudgingly are also sinning. These people would be better off not tithing at all. Those who don't tithe the whole 10% are sinning as well. Thank the Lord for sending us Jesus Christ to free us from all of this sin. We no longer are have the bondage of the Old Testament tithe!

Why would you judge me Gary? I am just noting the lack of Biblical support for what is being taught. I put all things through that filter. :)

Many "opinions of men" get taught instead of focusing on what is written!

Note that not being convinced tithing is a NT practice does not remove the need to put God first in our finances, including giving. What you give your money to indicates where your heart is. The focus in your life is probably wrong if entertainment (or anything else) gets more than God. Most tithing teaching leaves the feeling that you are "set" once you meet that goal. Some "requires" large "giving" above the tithe, but then it can get quite legalistic.

All this seems wrong to me. The key is to put God first place, follow good money management principles, be successful (as much as it relies on you) and use your money as a good steward.

This ultimately requires much more than tithing, but it is an entire mindset shift rather than just a "10% obligation".

Perhaps I will write an entry on it soon....


I find it hard to say but have to admit I'm cynical. Where to give my money? To whom? Big organizations are said to spend much or too much. Smaller ones so often are grabbing money and running with it.

That's the paradox of life. In giving, we shall receive more.

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