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June 11, 2008


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Excuse me? This guy needs money for rent, but will trade his bike for other toys? What an idiot!!!

I'm confused. He pays his rent in toys?


I'll try to be charitable here...all the toys he lists have a wider potential buyers' pool than his superspecial bike. Maybe he figures if there's one person that wants the bike, but can only trade rather than pay cash, he could then sell the iphone/wii/ps3 more quickly to get rent money?

Still, wow.

From the level of his English, I can deduce that the person (hopefully) isn't American, but certainly shares some of the traits that so many Americans have. Hope he gets his toys in time to pay his rent =D

"Surely a guy who has to sell his prize bike to make rent can afford to go without the "toys" for a while."

Pretty clearly its easier to sell a wii than a custom bike.

Hopefully, the recent economic downturn in the US will get more people thinking about living within their means. The upside with $5-6 a gallon gasoline is that cars will get more efficient, and the rest of our economy will adapt to changing needs. Families will think about replacing their old refrigerators before they think about buying the latest IPhone, or increase their emergency fund before taking that trip to Europe, etc.

We have a terrific opportunity to change our priorties for the future, to everyone's benefit. I know it's cliche, but when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

I want a blowjob but need a sandwich.

This ad makes about as much sense as the above sentence.


Oh c'mon! Are pedals really an upgrade? I thought all bikes came with those.

Insane! Wow, anytime I'm feeling bad about splurging on a Slurpee, I should cruise Craigslist and gain some perspective. I just hope this dude was planning to sell the traded toys for money to pay rent. A girl can hope, right?

Replacing the stock pedals with lighter ones, or ones designed to lock into cycling shoes, would be an upgrade.

I'm with you Sara, I feel bad when I get Starbucks more than once a week, but apparently this guy bought a really nice bike with his rent $$.

This ad is not believable on its face. I would highly suspect he is some kind of a hocker. He "acquires" stuff by one means or another and flips it. The rent story is designed to make you feel sympathy for him and thus want to help him out by buying the bike and also to attempt to make you feel guilty about trying to bargain with him because he needs this money for rent.

The thing that gives it all away is what everyone has picked up on. Someone needing rent money would never accept a trade and would never list such a specific list of items. He is listing things he can easily hock off onto someone else. And you can bet he would be offering you below market for those items. I mean he needs this money for rent after all. Can't you help a guy out a little bit when he's down.

He is a scammer. I would never purchase anything from an ad like this. I would put very little faith in that item not being of a highly elevated temperature if you get my drift. Notice the reference to cash at the end. Expect him to accept nothing but cold hard cash for his hot hot bike.

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