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June 22, 2008


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My grandparents became quite wealthy in the '60s. While he finished his 40-year career as an accountant with the A&P, they'd purchased a 160-acre piece of land in a quiet little town. They became instrumental in the town's boom times when they developed their property into 1/3 acre lots. They built their own house first, of course. WITH CASH. The first winter they lived there (1947) they had no furnace. Just one fireplace. My grandfather always told me to never borrow money for ANY reason, including a home mortgage! (He was stricter than Dave Ramsey on this point...)

But they never looked or acted any different from "the folks" who moved into their subdivision. I will NEVER forget when K-Mart came to town. Grandma wasn't too amused, but Grandpa got the BIGGEST thrill out of being able to buy his knock-about trousers at the most expensive store, but finding like he liked the ones from K-Mart just as well. :)

Enjoyed your post - and got a kick out of Katy's story. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

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