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June 23, 2008


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I would like to win.

"I would like to win. " -- Me Too!

Trying again :)

BEHOLD!!! My first post in this blog. Good times! *crosses fingers in hopes of a win*

Let's see if I get it this time.

Trying again. I've been a couple of posts off before. Hope I win this time.

So far the odds are pretty good! Thanks for another opportunity!

sure.. i'll give this another shot.

Entered again! Free stuff is awesome! :)

Would love to win.

I've used eFinPlan--nice service. I would like to win the free year, too.

Worth another shot - thanks!

will i be victorious?!

Thank you!

Three's a charm, right?

I'm in!

I would like to win this as well!

Sounds good...


Another giveaway. I hope I win!

Maybe the 4th time is a charm :O Good luck everyone!

Ah Ha! Perhaps with the new contest, I too shall become a winner....

I hope I hope I win. :D

I'd like to give this software a try. :)

eFinPlan sounds very interesting.

I'll try again.

Let us try again. Thanks

Count me in.

Is this the winner?

Thanks for another chance!

Feeling lucky.

It's all me

I got this!

I´m gonna win this. lol

It's worth a try....

Pretty please?

Entered. Go Cubs.


Thanks for another shot at this!

Another try :)

Looking for an eFinPlan win!

yeah, me too!!

If they keep giving out these free offers then there's going to be nobody left to buy the real thing. Sign me up. :)

Wow! What an awesome giveaway - thanks for having it!

I would love to win! Please? :)

Entered. Go Braves!

let's try this again!

I appreciate that all you have to do is post a "I want to win!" comment to possibly win :-) That is my kind of contest!

My entry :)

I'd love this!!

Here is my entry!

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