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July 08, 2008


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I'm not planning any overseas travel myself.

I think Ireland is still fairly reasonable. I used CIE Tours for a trip once and it was great. With their 'go-as-you-please' package you can get a rental car and B&B vouchers for $100-200 a day which is fairly reasonable.

Airfare overseas will be pricey. Now is a good time to cash in your airline miles if you have em. Or consider going a little before or after the prime summer season .


I just came back from Montreal and took the bus. Granted, it was an 8-hr ride, but my bf & I saved money using that option instead of flying. And since it was Jazz Fest last week, we got to see several free performances =)

I was recently in Northern Ireland. Fabulous trip but a bit more expensive as they use the British Pound as opposed to the Euro.

EL SALVADOR, this little gem has so many great things, mountains, beaches, forests, the great thing about it is that you can drive cross country in less than a day.

We're debating on vacation this year but will most likely just drive to a destination about 3-4 hours away.

Next year we're planning on going to Ireland with some relatives though, so it's nice to see them on the list.

My wife wanted a graduation vacation present, but we're going to be moving when she graduates instead.

It'll be like a vacation because everything will be new to us and having a real house will seem like a mansion compared to our current apartment.

Ireland? Seriously?

I'm an Irish expat, and every time I travel home (at least once a year) find it very difficult to adjust to the costs there. I don't know what Kiplingers is including in their calculations (it seems to be just comparing to the UK?) but judging by reports I've read and anecdotal evidence from family Ireland is consistently the most expensive EU country for many electronic, clothing and grocery items. Eating out and even a simple coffee is very expensive there too. "Rip off Ireland" is a common phrase used at home.

I took a long trip to Italy last year, and found it much cheaper (hotels, food, booze) by comparison.

I too question their choices. My parents recently returned from Ireland, and said a simple burger & fries at a pub was $20-25

Puerto Rico wasn't cheap either. All the dining options near our hotel had NYC prices. The tours I did cost about the same as they would have in NC. I was surprised by that.

South Africa and the East Coast of Africa are amazing value for money, granted getting there is a VERY long flight and quite expensive. Because of the bad press coverage of Zimbabwe SA has lost a lot of tourists so there are many affordable packages. Clothing, groceries and national game reserves are very affordable

Yep, we're going to Europe for three weeks in August. Wouldn't be doing it except my fiance is the best man in a wedding in France, and we were able to book both tickets on ff miles. As soon as that wedding is over we're fleeing the Euro zone for the Balkans- Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro are still reasonable.

My wife and I just got back from six weeks in Guatemala (pics and stuff at my blog), and apart from the airfare, it was a very affordable trip. We studied Spanish at Christian Spanish Academy for 5 weeks ( and took an 11-day tour with Caravan Tours ( Both were very affordable. And fun!

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