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July 25, 2008


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Not sure I need it either, but I'll take it for free!!

I would think that with the ability to freeze your credit, unless you need constant access to it, services like this would be obsolete.

If you freeze your credit on all three bureaus, and get a free copy once a year to check for errors, is there realistically anything else you'd need to do? I can't see it.

I'd be happy to give it a try! Thanks!

Ditto, don't really need it, but will try it out.

I'd love to try it!

Ok, looks like most of you are going to win. :-)

Winners of the three trials are:


If each of you would email me ( ), I'll get you set up with your free trial.

I heard about this and did some research, id theft is getting to be a serious issue. A student in my school got his wallet stolen a few weeks ago and started receiving credit card confirmations in the mail. He signed up for a free trial with ID Patrol (it may even be the same promo). He saw seven applications for new credit cards with a credit line totaling $12,000. Good thing he was able to find them all and stop it. he's working with the police to track the thief now. Can I have one of the promo codes?

I would try it

If this is like my dealings with Equifax the past few days, I would rather have all my teeth pulled.

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