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July 07, 2008


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No way, I prefer lots of items, at least one is sure to hit home and help me to revise my thinking and/or take action. I always check every day. Keep up all of your posts please, we need them!!!

Nope. The number of posts (a little under six a day according to your source) is fine. It keeps the blog from becoming "stale," so to speak. Please keep up the pace.

I have no problems with your posting amount. You usually keep things short and to the point. Also, I like that you have your entire post on the webpage. I don't have to click a link to get the rest of the post. This is something that bugs me about the Personal Finance Advice Blog.

I prefer frequent posts, and probably read about 2/3 of them.

One longer post per day with the same amount of content would be bulkier and less convenient.

Less content would not be preferable, unless you somehow know exactly what posts I don't read (in which case feel free not to post those).

Seriously? People are reading your posts, probably not all of them, but enough of them to sustain your web traffic. If you posted too much you would see your traffic diminish b/c you've ceased to be interesting. Besides, the several post format allows for easier searching of your archives. Post all you like, we'll decide what we want to read.

No, I don't think you post too often. I like finding different topics when I check back throughout the day.

I love your blog and love that you post frequently. But I would prefer fewer posts a day.

Keep posting!!

No way, it's your style and it works great.

No, but I wonder if you have a day job.

I like returning a couple times a day to check for new items. If they don't interest me, I skip them. Keep up the good work.

I say keep up the hard work! I enjoy how frequently you post.

Ditto with everyone else. I check back often. Not all posts are in my area of interest, but I do look most of them over.

I appreciate the frequest posting as there is always something fresh for me to read. thanks.

You've always been an inspiration to me, especially the way you post so frequently. Not to mention the fact that you've been doing this for a while now and show no signs of slowing down. :-)

The primary reason I come to this site is because of the frequent posting. I check several times a day. Don't change a thing.

I appreciate the variety and number of posts. I check this site multiple times a day and can scan quickly for postings that are of interest to me. Thank you!

I get rid of feeds that don't post atleast once a day... I like your pace.

i use money blog network to get more posts everyday, including yours. the more the better. you're doing fine, at least post wise;]

Frequent posting used to bug me, but I just don't bother looking at the ones that don't have interesting headlines in my feedreader so I think that you are doing fine.

Good # of posts and good length too. Don't change a thing :)

Frequent, short postings are good for A.D.D. people like myself! I don't know how you do it, but keep up the good work.

Too many postings. 1 or 2 day is sufficient.

I DO think that you post too much. Many of your posts are just quotes from another article with a question underneath it. To me that is not a lot of substance.

I come to this site to hear YOUR take on financial topics, not for you to ask what us readers think.

That being said, when you do post your thoughts on things I like what you have to say, so I continue to read it, although I would say that only 1 or 2 of your posts each day bring a lot of YOUR thoughts to the table.

A lot depends on your goal regarding readability and feedback. Casual blog readers typically focus on the posts visible on the first page, and with the typical volume of your posting, it doesn't take more than a day or two for posts to make it to the second page. Once that happens, for better or worse, they're "buried" to all but the most devoted of readers. Speaking for myself, I want to keep up with your posts, but can't get to your blog everyday and rarely make the effort to browse beyond Page 1.

I will say that there are topics that are posted about more frequently than necessary without adding anything new. I will say this about credit card rebates, because I find myself commenting more frequently than necessary; at the end of the day, you, I and the other commenters are saying pretty much the same thing.

If you're looking for a specific suggestion--keep posting as much as you want, but make the technical changes to ensure that posts are visible on Page 1 for at least 48 hours. In the end, your readership volume speaks for itself. Thanks for all you do.

The more, the merrier. It keeps me coming back several times a day to see what you've got to say or what you found interesting. I only read other blogs at the end of the week because they don't post often enough.

I like seeing multiple posts a day and if I'm not interested in a topic I just skim over it. Just don't burn yourself out.


Stop talking about pets so damn much ;)

In all seriousness, I don't think you post too much. I think you can be repetitive at times but I guess that's to be expected. I just skip over anything I'm not interested in/tired of.

I seem to be the lone dissenter here, but I still think that that you do post too much.

One big reason I think so is that posting this frequently deters good discussions. The top post on your site will generate the most comments, but if it is only at the top for 3 or 4 hours there is very little time for readers to see it and comment. I have commented on several of your posts, but by the time I do so it is already 3rd or 4th on the page, and all meaningful discussion is over, and the post may only be 12 hours old.

With more meaningful discussions I believe your audience could actually increase. thesimpledollar cut down to 2 posts per day a while back and it led to an increase in traffic.

One idea might be to combine a few of your daily posts into one. For example, many of your posts will reference outside articles (Yahoo! Finance, etc.), so you could combine these into a daily "round-up" post where you reference a few articles and share your thoughts.

Agree with Mark about the commenting part. High frequency posting cuts down on discussion for sure. Of course, maybe you aren't as concerned about that.

I also agree with his earlier comments about substance, both in terms of repetition of ideas and short posts with little original content. I can easily see a day where I will remove this blog from my feed reader because of those issues.

I still don't think you post too much, but content of those posts is a concern.

First time commenter. Just wanted to answer your question above with a resounding "NO". Keep posting frequently!

Nope, keep 'em comin' FMF! Your stuff is interesting -- I frequently disagree -- but that's three-quarters of the fun!

You do a great job.

I'm mostly fine with everything (I'm not a picky reader!) :)

But if I had a suggestion, it is to maybe limit those posts in which you quote a passage and ask the readers for their opinions. Just my humble opinion though. I still appreciate your efforts!

I have to agree with David.... I would love to see more in depth posts, some sort of connection. Maybe theme days, such as "goofy news wednesday" or "Help a reader Thursdays" With so many posts, I tend to just quickly glance at them, instead of fully reading them.

Sorry to be the second dissenter... I just want to hear more of your opinions, instead of just quoting others (readers, news, etc.)!

I've added, dropped, and re-added your feed. I love the topics you cover, but it can be tough for people like myself who feel like they need to read everything and digest it.

For weekdays, I think 2-3 posts that contain quick-wins (small things to help (e.g. link to a site for good deals, etc.) ) and maybe one meaty topic is good. Since I know you can't help yourself, maybe one meaty early in the morning, and another at night (12 hours later). Spacing them out helps deal with the flood.

The weekends you could probably double that amount. I'm sure you are setting when the posts are available rather than clicking by hand.

By the way, don't listen to them. Your pet posts are awesome.

I wouldn't have it any other way... Keep it up!!

I gotta tell you ... I don't think you post enough, FMF. Thirty posts a week is sooooo last year, man. ;)

By the high number of responses it appears your frequent posts are appreciated.
Keep it up!

I love the frequent posts. Short and digestible! Great stuff, keep it up!

I enjoy your posting frequency. Keep it up!

Allow me to be the dissenting voice: I think you post too frequently. I've found myself passing over your entries more often lately as I have too much to read as it is. Blogs that fill up my feed reader are less likely to be read than the 1- or 2-post-a-day bloggers.

I like that you post a lot with interesting information. But, I don't like that a lot of the posts are simply quotes from other articles that mostly have short blurbs of what you thought of them. I think you could bring higher quality posts (and most likely less) by taking your time to write more well thought-out content written by yourself rather than quoting a bunch of other articles/posts.

You post way too much and too many quotes of articles. If I want to read an article, I'll search for it. Bring your own material to the table. Too much nonsense too.

I think that I would link to your site more if you posted more original content, and less posts with quotes and links to other articles. I feel weird linking to an article about an article.

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