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July 03, 2008


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I went through my wallet and added all the phone numbers for my various cards into my Outlook contacts (which syncs with my phone). I added them all to a category called LostWallet. If I lose my wallet, I just filter the contact on my phone by that category, and start dialing. If I lose my phone as well, I can just get online and do the same thing.


That is an excellent way to use technology to help out in a situation like that. I need to do that. Thanks for the tip.

Do you not carry your Auto Insurance with you? Also, to get cash I need my atm card, is yours the chase freedom checking or do you have another card for that. Otherwise I am at the same level as you are.

I'm typing this with one hand while I remove all the detritis from my wallet:)

I liked the photo copy idea and the Outlook idea.

I try to keep as little as possible, although recently I've been inundated with frequent customer cards that seem to be taking up a lot of space. It's probably time to do a clean up and get back down to the bare minimum. I also use a front-pocket style wallet with a money clip, although I rarely carry much cash.

Like you, I am the "bank", and I guess you could say that my wife is more like the "archive", judging by the contents of her purse. :-)

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