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July 01, 2008


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I'm hoping July is the same as June. Then I'll be buying even lower.

I'm in my 20s, so the stock market getting beat up is great news for me. Dividend yields are looking more and more attractive.

I think around now is when the market will start to turn, we may see another 4-5 loss but i doubt it, i think the indicators are over sold, plus the average PE is a coupel points below historical averages.

Let’s just hope things go the way we all want!

Time to buy at a discount!

I don't know.. copper is still almost $4/lb, silver at $18/oz., gold over $900, Euro at $1.58. While my second quarter wasn't as good as the first, I was still up 2.5% with an averge for the year (so far) at about 5%. Not bad, and not a single index fund or ETF in the portfolio :).

Last time the market tanked, I got out of stocks and in to something safe. That was a BIG mistake.

What is done is done. Do you think stocks will go up or down in the next year? Odds are, the stocks are on sale right now.

I don't mind it tanking; let's me buy at a discount.

Might not be a good third for other reasonsL

Sorry, but we're no where near the bottom. There's still $500 billion in Option-ARM mortgages that are going to reset.

You think things are bad now...

Me too, June was the first time our net worth actually decreased since I started tracking it in 2004. Mostly due to the market decline and a couple big expenses that won't recur...but still a little depressing nonetheless.

If the comments here reflect the general public, there is still too much optimism :-) Bottoms usually occur when most people wish they hadn't ever invested in stocks. The VIX remains suprisingly low, and not yet near the value of the last major bottom in 2002. I expect another 6 months (to maybe a year) of declines before the bottom is reached.

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