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July 17, 2008


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I remember looking around for wedding dresses and finding that white dresses at department stores were noticeably higher than non-white dresses. Worth thinking about if you don't mind the color of your dress.

Ha ha! those videos are awesome :)

Esp. seeing as I'll be in the process of going through this stuff soon... well, it's still about a year off.

What I did to save money on my wedding 2 years ago was I trade in my services with them. I did their websites, in return, I got paid with free supplies! Who says there's no such thing as free lunch!

30% more sounds familiar. It's all the extras that suddenly come out of the woodwork when you mention the word wedding.

Not sure about the cost of flowers, but the reception after the ceremony was where the extras came in to their own. Minimum guest number requirements, corkage on the wine, expensive bottled water on every table and so on. The good thing is that not all venues are like that.

I think this is the best review of how just mentioning the word wedding will raise the prices of everything:
(Some cursing, so you may not want to play it at work or around little kids)

Not mentioning that you're having a wedding sounds like good advice, but considering most people get married in their 20s, the vendors are able to see right through them. What other occasion would two 20 somethings have to plan a 'party' for 100+ people? I'm not sure this is really practical.

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