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July 16, 2008


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Currently if you pre-order the 2009 book, they will give you the 2008 book for free.

Marc --

I know that -- but I thought people might have suggestions on what sort of local groups sell these. If I could help out an organization and pay the same price, I would.

Buy it through fatwallet cashback program. Last year I bought 2 different books at $15 a pop (free shipping) and then fatwallet gave me $7 for each purchase. If you fly American Airlines and use the 5% discount the book pays for itself.

I know I'm a cheater, but you can sign up with for free 14 day trials. All you need is an email address and google maps on your cell phone (at least that's how I do it). Do a search for a restaurant in google maps on your phone, then there should be a link to discounts/coupons. In it, it'll send you to a place to sign up for a free 14 day trial.

I almost always get hit up by my kiddo's school or a youth group at our church for mine. So I get to feel good about helping out while I save money. If it gets to the end of the year and I still haven't been hit up by anyone, I order from the website.

I bought it through a coworker, her daughters' school was selling them. I've seen them carried in Bed Bath & Beyond stores. I'm still on the fence on this, it's our first time buying the book. We don't eat much fast food and many of the sit down restaurants are a bit of a drive, with gas prices where they are, it doesn't factor out to much savings.

My daughter's school sells them and they are a great money maker for our Parent Teacher League. You could try calling a couple schools (public or private) and will probably find one that is selling them.

If you want to make sure you use it and get your money's worth, make sure you keep it in the car, check it whenever you go to a restaurant, and go through the index when you first get it to see which stores you regularly visit or might visit in the future and either circle them or write them on the cover or write them on a piece of paper and put it in the book. Just make sure you check it periodically and use it!

My cousin sold them for Girl Scouts, so maybe ask around your neighborhood to find someone in that group.

I am getting mine from a friend who bought them to fundraise some money

I've bought an entertainment book before and I always purchased it on their website. It saved me a ton!

My wife sells them for Hudsonville High School National Honor Society every fall if you would like one when the new 2009's come out. It is good for all of West Mi and I know you are in the area. Let me know and we can send you one when she has them available. Take care.

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