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August 01, 2008


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I would appreciate it if you could forward to me specifics to your banner ad offerings/programs.

thank you,

Good Morning,
Can you give me some specifics for what it might cost to advertise on your site?
I think the type of people reading this would be interested in power savings for their places of work.


Hard Money Available to Lend on your real estate,business and personal small scale enterprise

We grant loans ranging from $10,000.00 to $10 Million USD,at affordable interest rates

We offer;

-Hard money loan;

-line of credit.

-Venture Capital

To help;

*Your business cash flow,
*Build your business
*Finance your inventory
*Restructure your credit.
*Refinance you out of bankruptcy.
*Invest in real estates

We provide the following type of hard money loan;

+Acquisition-Loans Equipment Leasing

+Start-up Loans Commercial Property Loans

+Inventory Loans Unsecured Borrowing

+Construction loans

+Accounts Receivable Loans Lines of Credit

+Factoring Warehouse Financing

+Machinery Loans

+Working Capital Loans Flooring Lines

+Agricultural Loans International Loans

+Purchase Order Financing Virtually ANY TYPE BUSINESS LOAN

Have you been refused a loan by any financial institution,contact us today,we can help you out.

We also provide;
*Debt consolidation loans
*Student loans
*Car loans E.t.c

Interested person(s)/companies should Contact us today via email for more information.
Email: [email protected]
Best Regards

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