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August 27, 2008


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Render unto Hoyts what is Hoyts.

This place serves dinner beforehand and drinks during the movie. The best part, no kids! It is pricey though.

Interesting! We went to the dollar theater (well, $1.25 theater) the other night and saw a teenage boy sneaking in a styrofoam takeout container filled with a whole dinner. Then I bought snacks because we were getting the cheap movie (and I was dying for movie popcorn) and I paid $10 for "mini" popcorn, a "mini" drink and some candy that the manager who rang up my bill insisted cost $3, even though it was behind the $2.50 sign in the candy case. Argh. I was just too tired to fight. I will eagerly await the outcome of your query.

I guess my comment was eaten by your site but that's been my experience too. I've never seen people bring roast beef dinners in, but plenty carry their bottle of water or whatever with nobody on staff seeming to care. I don't generally bring food to the cinema, but it honestly wouldn't occur to me to have to "sneak". Your point about cleaning up your own mess was good though.

Our local theater has a big sign next to where they take your ticket that reads, "ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE FOOD AND/OR BEVERAGES PERMITTED" - so the policy there is pretty clear. :)

I usually "sneak" in a bottle of water, but no food - we go to the movies, for the movie, not the refreshments.

I know someone who is a manager for a movie theater. According to him, the main reason outside food and drink isn't allowed is that those are what allow the theater to make a profit - ticket prices barely cover the film rentals.

So if you are sneaking in food/drink then you are stealing profit from the company and possibly contributing to higher prices for the rest of us on movie food/drinks/tickets. Just like with shoplifting, companies have to raise prices to cover the losses.

Regardless of whether or not the theater opposes, encourages or is apathetic toward the idea - who cares?! Isn't the thrill in getting past the gate with a water bottle in the pocket of your jeans? If that's not the most obvious thing ever, I don't know what is. It's the closest most of us will ever be to a "Rebel Without a Cause".

I've heard that legally you are allowed to bring in food/drink unless it's hot and can burn a hot chocolate or coffee. Makes sense for liability reasons.

The last theater I went to had a Starbucks right beside it. I asked if I could bring in Starbucks and was allowed to bring it in without hiding it.

Perhaps, many more theaters allow items from neighboring vendors.

I've taken sandwiches into an AMC theater several times, it's in the mall next to the food court. Never hid them or tried to conceal them in any way. No one said a word, and I wasn't obnoxious about it. Cleaned up my trash at the end of the movie and all was well.

I've never smuggled food into a theater. That said, I think my two options would be to bring my own or not eat during the movie. There's no way I would buy the concessions. I don't buy the argument that I would be essentially stealing by bringing food in because my other option wouldn't net them any more profit either. Given the $9/person tickets I bought for the Dark Knight, I don't really think they're hurting either way.

Growing up we always got popcorn and soda in the theater. But I don't eat or drink any more while in the theater, since we usually go after dinner. Why do we feel the necessity to eat and drink during movies? It's not like we're expending any calories. Can't we go a couple of hours without eating? I guess it's some psychological need to snack while watching movies and tv.

Theaters make most of their profit (usually small profit, as businesses go) through concessions. Their business, their rules. The comment that sneaking in food is completely wrong. It is like saying the people who don't go to the theater in the first place because they can't bring in food are "stealing" and raising prices for everyone else. In both cases, neither party is taking goods or services without paying. Thus, no theft. I would think there is some validity that intentionally sneaking in food is dishonest, in the sense that it is using deception to violate an implied agreement with the theater to abide by their rules and conditions.

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