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August 01, 2008


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I have a good friend and ex-classmate who moved to London a few years ago and started a tutoring service for English children to prepare for the SAT or ACT tests if they were interested in attending top-rated US colleges. Her smartest move was to focus on high-end clients and as a result she makes an obscene hourly rate. It also helps that she scored a near 1600 on the SAT herself.

Thanks for publishing this guest post.

Good post! I am currently doing the same thing. At the early days of my "day-time career", this side job actually paid better hourly wage.

Of course, now that I've moved up the corporate ladder, I keep tutoring mostly for personal satisfaction of seeing a kid growing to love Math. ^_^

That's a great story. It's funny how some of the smallest ideas can turn into large money makers. I also helped others in college, but not for money. As an Electrical Engineer, my college math classes were so difficult that if you could get 40-50% of the answers correct you would get an A - because they curved the grades to the highest score. This meant that to pass, it didn't matter how many you got right or wrong, but how many you got right compared to the other students. I found myself teaching my friends at the library every night - just to help them pass the tests. It was a great experience and I of course I was forced to learned the material very well so that I could teach it to my friends.

Tutoring is great. I worked via a company, build up a reputation there and was allowed to teach to groups of 3 students after a while. They paid 25 euro per hour each, I got 50% of that. I was making 150 euro per week with only one block of 4 hours (2 groups of 2 hours) of work!

Online tutoring is also a great option. The pay is much less than regular tutoring, but the convenience of doing it from home can be a nice option. Many of the services, such as, offer nearly 24 hour service.

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