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August 18, 2008


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We're starting the process of looking for a home to purchase, and I've found several bizarre offers like, "We'll cover your realtor fees AND throw in a $7000 gift card to Home Depot!" It does not function as an incentive to me; it makes me wonder what is so wrong with the house that they have to offer me $7k in Home Depot cards to get me to buy it.

It would seem that most people would want a no hassle closing and a how that was move-in ready--and of course, all at the right price. Including gimmickry might get a house noticed but might not get is sold. Doing things like updating the roof, inspecting/fixing plumbing or heating issues, etc. may not seem very sexy but will lower the barrier to potential buyers. Think of it from the perspective of giving them reasons not to say no, rather than how to get them to say yes.

You really want to sell your home for under market value just to sell it? And recording your home's value in your net worth at way below market value just so you feel better about selling it for under market value? Is that really the best way to sell a house?

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