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August 28, 2008


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How young are they? I would be glad that they have some kind of interest in it, even if the information is not quite right at first.

LOL! I think they both are more understanding of taxes than a lot of adults! ;-)

Kids say the darndest things!!! (Remember that or am I dating myself)?

Ahh kids, they always find the best way to describe stuff like that. LOL @ big screen TVs.

Big screen TV? Everybody's got one of those now. Try a whole screening room!

I think your daughter was right on the money. Except for her percentages are off. They keep more like 80 % for themselves.Good job none the less.

Nah,they keep 20% and give the other 80% to the demographic (as determined by whatever poll or focus group) whose vote they need to be re-elected next term

You know, they are probably both right!

If I asked my kids what taxes were ,they would problably ask me were they attach it to their iphone.

your kids are just GREAT and they are quite right! I laugh a lot since is not diferent here in México.

this post made my evening :-)

And all these years I thought 50% went into their pockets and the other 50% went for all of the entitlement programs for the useless...

In a lot of cases, if they just kept it for themselves to buy big screen TVs etc., it would less harmful than what they actually spend our money on.

LOL nice one :)

Your kids sure learned some stuff pretty fast. Did they learn that from the tv or from other kids?

This is normal everywhere not just in the US or Mexico etc. The money they make is huge with each mandate but some governments spend more for people than others.

They both do. One to pay for what we are already spending and the other in the future to pay for what we are not.

Obama Rocks my Socks!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can your kids explain why landlords in Michigan pay four times as much school property tax as homeowners?

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