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August 07, 2008


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I love the wisdom of Warren Buffet. Each one of the words of wisdom is worth spending time reflecting on.

I completely agree with the 8 million dollar thing. I have had the same discussion with others about inheritences. Nobody believes me when I say that I don't want any money. If i didn't work to earn it , I don't want it. I would get no enjoyment out of "free" money. What I would do if I received a large inheritence would be to do something to honour that person.( Scholarships, Memorial Park, Food programs for schools, etc)

I am glad I am not the only one ;) People never believe me when I say that I want to earn it - I don't know, we must be different birds ;)

Great guest post!

I want to earn it, but I'll be honest, if someone would give me $8 mil right now - I would take it and not look back. I would probably start some kind of business though and hopefully watch it grow. I would also love to use some of it to rehab an area of town near where I life. Maybe some affordable housing or something to encourage young families to move in.

I want to be as wise as Buffett is by the time I am 77 :-)

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