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September 20, 2008


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Good series on the BRIC countries; really informative.

But somehow I felt that the whole series carried a negative tone about each country underneath if I go back and read all of those together.

No personal reservations here. :-)

Don't forget S. Korea, which FTSE will soon upgrade to "Developed Nation Status" in Sept. 2009, as another bastion of capitalism and democracy in northeast Asia.

I am not in favor of the continuation of this highly politically-oriented series of articles, in which the "free market mantra" is so exceedingly apparent.

Certainly FMF readers who are interested in these topics can obtain less biased information simply by consulting the various search engines?

Well I personally enjoyed reading the BRIC series. I didn't agree with everything the author had to say but I didn't expect was simply thought-provoking for me (more so than the standard save a buck post).

Thanks FMF and MAM.

FMF -- I don't come here to read political commentary on countries that Americans have a long-running bias against. The Chinese are one of the most discriminated ethnic groups in America's history -- all the drawbacks of being a minority, none of the benefits of political recognition and reparation. Underneath it all, Americans will seize on any excuse to disparage the Chinese. I'm severely disappointed that you ran such an uneven post. I disagree with a lot of the posts from Marotta, but this one goes way beyond the scope of FMF's normal content on money, finance and investing.

This article's political analysis are outdated and out of step and show no understanding of the current political situation. "Political freedom?" Have you tried governing 1.3 billion uneducated peasants, who would as soon as rob you as kidnap you off to sell as a wife in a small village thanks to the desperation and greed that the widespread trauma that the Cultural Revolution fostered?

That said, many members of the current central leadership have spent substantial time abroad and borrow readily from other countries in terms of its legal and political development. But you try enforcing western ideals among hundreds of millions people who have most likely never even seen a Caucasian and think that going to the United States is as far as going to the moon. It's certainly a country that still has a LONG way to go.

...By the way, having lived and worked in (and currently posting from) China, I would certainly do a LOT of research before investing substantial amounts of money or entering agreements with business partners here because people's books are kept so shoddily.

-- Proud Chinese American

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