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September 24, 2008


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I am a happy Chase customer as well. As I travel outside the country periodically, I find that they do the best job in tracking potential fraud issues. It makes me feel a bit more comfortable in using their card for foreign transactions.

I've been debating switching to Chase. I was with BankOne before the merge and they really upset me so I switched to Bank of America. Since the merge, Chase seems to be very well liked. I'm not overly displeased with Bank of America or anything like that, but since I'm completely changing my financial lifestyle, I might change banks just for the "fresh start" side of things.

I've had nothing but good experience with Chase since switching it to my primary card a year or so ago. They got our cards to us quickly after my wife lost her wallet earlier this year. Combine that with the great rewards program and good website/Quicken interface and I'm happy.

They have a special going on now that they will deposit $125 in a checking account if you open a new checking with direct deposit. Not bad

I have had a great experience with Chase Visa Credit Card and have already received 3 $250 checks in two years. I noticed that all the rewards they mention post on the exact date they mention and I never have to follow up on them. We used to bank with Citi which was also great, but, it has no branches close to our new location as we moved recently. We have moved our bank to Chase for everything as it has multiple branches (I feel excessive) near our house and the service is just great.

Still haven't received my credit despite having called. They promised to followup, but sent a followup letter about a different offer. So... Now I get to call again. Hooray for me.

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