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September 24, 2008


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Ric Edelman, Bob Brinker, Clark Howard

I enjoy Marketplace Money. I have learned a lot about a lot of random things from it. It does tend to have more information for novices than personal finance pros.

Do you have any links to the mentioned podcasts? I'd actually be interested in the Dave Ramsey show as I have a 1 hour commute to work.

Wise --

Go to iTunes (what I use) or google them. They aren't that hard to find.

I've not looked into pf podcastsyet but I will check out the ones you've suggested

For money podcasts, I currently listen to:
-APM Marketplace Monday
-Sound Investing
-Clark Howard
-Money Girl Quick and Dirty Tips
-Wall St Journal Personal Finance

Podcasts to me are what magazines are to books....I end up getting alot (I used unused frequent flyer miles to subscribe to a few magazines) and start to get a backlog...I usually catch up on long drives or commutes to work.

A second for Clark Howard.

This a good site that had a lot of really good interviews, but has not been updated since May of 2007.

Marketplace and Marketplace Money are consistently interesting.

Other than that, I'm cherry-picking the podcasts that have descriptions for each show.

i.e. Clark Howard, Bloomberg on the Economy, US News Alpha Consumer, Brian Preston...

I like (Brian Preston).

I also just noticed that NPR has a new financial podcast. Haven't listened to it yet, though. It's called Planet Money (available via iTunes or has a good one, but I believe it is like an hour or so. I also like to listen to the Economist Podcast. It is only about 5-10 minutes... not personal finance persay..... but def one of the most unbias media outlets.

Crown's MoneyLife podcast is really good., then click "Radio".

In my view Personal FInance podcasts are the best because they provide good information, cover the news and they are quick. I recommend that this is the best way to make lots of money.

Money Girl's Quick & Dirty Tips
Dave Ramsey
and NPR's Economy

I'm going to check out some of the other suggestions.

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