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September 09, 2008


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You can always buy, sell, or swap gift cards including a Macy's gift card at

i thought most store already knew how your purchased the merchandise and will only refund you accordingly.

If you pay with CC, they refund only CC or Store Credit.
If you pay with GC, they refund only GC or Store Credit.
if you pay with Cash, they refund only Cash or Store Credit.

My experience is similar to Dangger's, with the exception that on some small purchases they will just give you cash, and on some large cash/check purchases, they will mail a check to you.

I have used the second method at stores other than Macy's.

You can always re-gift the card., trade, and buy gift cards. Great site I use it all the time.

Yes. Every store I've ever been to will only refund a purchase made with a gift card by giving you another gift card. However, there are a few states (not including my own) that have laws that require stores to exchange a gift card for cash. So the first commenter quoted in the article may live in one of these states.

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