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September 19, 2008


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I actually got my Blue Cash card replaced yesterday! They told me it would take something like 7-10 business days, I asked "Is there any way I could get it faster?" They put me on hold for 10 seconds and told me that they would overnight it.

Thanks for posting this, FWF. It's nice to see my hint in print!

The premise of this trick is that the CC company misses out on all the merchant fees while you're not using their card. Profit is going directly to their competitor instead of to them.

Negotiation is all about recognizing the angles, identifying sources of leverage, and applying that leverage appropriately!

Apparently you're not a high roller. Both Amex and Chase have offered to overnight replacement cards to me free of charge without me having to even ask.

I don't condone lying or being deceiptful. I like Jay (1st comment)'s idea, and just ask if you can get it any faster. Well, it's one thing if you actually DO spend a lot of money and put all your purchases on one card, but if you're just saying you do in order to get your card faster, that's being deceiptful.

oh yeah lets be carefull and not be can i just remind you all that these are the same companys that will not be so nice if they have to look for something from you. id like to see there faces if you told them for every day your card was late you were going to give send them a bill.

i want to a credit card now for purpose i got the imfom befor pls help me doing it now ok

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