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September 21, 2008


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What's the point of donating with credit card? I think churches should not enter the finance world at all. If they receive donations is because people want to donate and not because they advertise donations or explicitly ask for them. If money comes into this, then the already expert brain washing churches will become more of a global power and more of a global threat than now.

People bounce checks...should they not be allowed to tithe with their checkbook either? Credit cards are convenient. My wife and I pay for all of our purchases with our AmEx card for the points. We even pay our rent with our card. It helps us budget. If I used cash, it would just burn a hole through my pocket.

If someone has taken out a reverse mortgage and uses cash from that to pay a donation, how's the church to know? Maybe the church should only accept donations 'in kind' know, chickens, etc. Of course...the person could've just borrowed that chicken from their neighbor... :-)

Is there a place for an Atheist in this conversation? Anyways, why would there be anything wrong with that? Obviously, I'm saying this from a very neutral (or not) point of view. Who cares about how I choose to disperse of my money? It's still being dispersed.

I live overseas, but still make donations to my home church in the US. I use a credit card because of the convenience. It is also more secure than writing a check from my bank overseas and trusting the international mail to deliver the payment timely.

I see nothing wrong with churches accepting credit card donations. wouldn't that be discriminating for them to not accept credit card payments?

Mo Money,

What do you mean by "discriminating?" I don't understand your point...are you somehow alleging that a parishioner could sue the church for discrimination if they don't accept credit cards?

I pay my tithes via credit card. For me, it's more convenient. No more having to remember to take my checkbook to church or remembering to double up if I was out of town and missed a week. The fact that I get FF miles from my credit card is just an additional benefit.

One can argue that Proverbs 22 discourages the use of debt. OK, some folks do pay their credit cards off each month and get rewards for card use (I applaud you), but most folks don't have that kind of discipline. I interpret tithing as giving 10% off the top from each paycheck before spending a dime on anything else. To me, "tithing" via credit cards is like telling God that He is not high enough in priority for me to have set aside the cash for Him now.

Paul --

"One can argue that Proverbs 22 discourages the use of debt."

There are many other verses that discourage debt as well. For background, see these posts:

I'm with Richard ... from now on, I'm going to bring chickens and sheep to church for my donations.

I expect to be expelled by November ... hmmm ...

Seriously, I think it's fine -- you're right that credit cards aren't inherently evil and if the church is spending appropriate time teaching about the need to avoid debt, then we're not asking people to give more than they can afford. My church doesn't take credit cards, but I could see a place for that at other churches or for online donations, that kind of thing.

Thanks for your Christian Carnival submission, by the way!

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