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September 23, 2008


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Good philosophy. I would add #4. Invest as much as you can!

Wesley was the founder of the Methodist Church. What's amazing about Wesley was that he was pretty much ahead of his time on what the Church would struggle with in coming centuries. He knew that, as his members practiced and grew in the Christian faith, it would help them succeed in the world as well. And success in the world leads to increasing riches, and increasing riches can easily lead a man to forget his place and forget God's presence. To Wesley earning a lot of money is not a bad thing, but you still have an obligation to live a modest life and give back as much as you possibly can. No reason to get hung up on material things.

How wise that looks today ... how wise indeed.

Thanks for making a post about my comment! :) Naturally, I'm a big fan of Wesley's thoughts.

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