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October 08, 2008


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I believe that if you can manage a small amount of money well you can also manage a large amount of money well. If you can't manage a small amount of money, having more money isn't going to solve your problems. It might just get you in over your head faster.


Holyfield was a big contributor to the Creflo Dollar church near Atlanta, if memory serves. So much for the prosperity gospel!

Good reminder! Sometimes, it's easy to envy what other folks have. However, when I remember that we are able to sock away a nice portion of our budget every month, I feel much better!

Isn't that the way we are though?

Most people today spend more money than they make, they think hey i have money, so ill spend here and there and before they know its all gone

Pink - I wouldn't say that Holyfield hasn't been prosperous. But I would say he hasn't been wise.

It amazes me that they can have all this money and still find things to spend all of it and more on and then the average person lives on a lot less and has to work daily to make money. Footballers are another big segment that don't save and spend more than they earn and they earn high amounts which are unreal to the majority.

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