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October 03, 2008


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Ugh. I hate #2. I've interviewed hundreds of candidates for law-firm and inhouse-counsel positions. IMHO, people who give answer #2 are the same people who say they "enjoy travel" on their resume. Just awful.

I prefer #1 and #4.

John --

Ha! If you read my past posts, you'll see that my reaction to the interviewer who even asks the question is similar to yours regarding question #2. ;-)

One of my biggest weaknesses is that I stutter and don't make eye contact unless I concentrate on it. It's something that I've worked on, but it's definitely a weakness that's directly relevant to my job (teaching) and that I have to work to overcome. I also think it speaks well of me that I'm willing to take on a position where that weakness presents a definite challenge.

I don't like the weakness-as-strength "I'm a perfectionist" type responses, and I don't like evasive responses like "I have this weakness that in no way relates to this particular job". And I don't think employers like that either. They're looking to evaluate your fitness for the position. Meeting their question head-on and acknowledging areas where you'll have to grow (and have been growing) is MUCH better than evading their question through a faux-weakness or an unrelated one.

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