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October 11, 2008


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I'd actually go with additional health Benefit. Right now I pay all my dental bills in full by myself because taking insurance with the company is way too expensive and doesn't cover everything. In my company Health Insurance premiums are fully paid for by the company. I would like to have dental like this too.

Work at home = save gas money, plus if you worked at home recently in the south east, you missed the gas crisis panic and dry pumps. Not buying gas may be the biggest not-a-raise possible right now. Not for everyone, but since alternatives to gas-powered commutes (like sustainable, self-contained communities) apparently will not be explored until the last drop of oil is pumped out of the earth, it's worth considering just because these shortages are a preview of coming attractions when demand outstrips supply for oil.

I started my new schedule this week and am loving it. Reorganized my week, and instead of 50 hrs at the office, spent 35, and got just as much done. Not many people picking up the 4 day work week option though, even though it's a possibility now with the new schedule.

I'd love to have an office, I've been stuck in cube hell thus far in my career. Four real walls would make me feel pretty good about not getting a raise. Work from home would be nice but my industry is pretty stuffy and it will be years before they open up to that. I should get a better schedule when my current project ends, the home office is on a 9-80 schedule and I can't wait to have those 3 day weekends.

ooooh, would love the additional vacation time. We have 17pto days. That includes sick days, vacation and personal days.
Not enough time for an entire year.

My company offers 3 weeks vacation, five sick days. Basically one week is tied to holiday's and whatnot so that week is eaten up, so really it's two week vacation and burnout totally ensues at the company i work for. Additional vacation time, flex schedules when available would really keep people here instead of the turnover we have. Give me an extra week and i'll be totally content instead of scrutinizing every single day i take off.

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