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October 14, 2008


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Step number zero: Get individual health insurance while you're still employed, and forego your employer's plan. It's almost certainly cheaper, especially if you start while you're still young, and even pre-retirement it's an awful lot safer. An individual insurance plan can only drop you if you stop paying your premiums, but your work-tied insurance goes away whenever your boss, in a fit of pique, decides he doesn't like you anymore. And if a member of your family gets diagnosed with a disqualifying condition, you'll never be able to switch jobs again, unless you already have an individual policy beforehand.

Step number eight: Vote McCain! We need to reverse the WW2-era mistake of tying health care to particular relations between employer and employee. It makes health security very hard to come by, provides employers an intolerable whip-hand against workers with families ("you'd BETTER work 6 extra hours per day and come in weekends for no extra pay, or the next time your kid gets sick, your whole family will go bankrupt!"), and contributes to the nightmarish upward spiral of medical costs by completely seperating the decision-making from the payment in all but a very tiny minority of cases. That minority needs to become the majority.

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