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October 13, 2008


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With respect to the investing - more knowledge is best way to improve your investing abilities - reading books, blogs, etc will help in that regard.

Wow. This was a great article. I wish I would have known this stuff back in high school when I started my first job. As it is, I need to start with step 1 and go through all the steps, but it's good to have it layed out for me.

Thanks for submitting this

I'm not allowed to put $1,000 aside. I have a very low income and student loans in default. After student loan garnishment, I am living on fumes. So I do not have money left over to set aside.

If you want to break your poor or middle-class mindset and learn how to be frugal, help is available.

This makes little sense to me. I am poor but don't buy things and my "house" is not cluttered. I rent a single room (12 x 12) in a house with nine people.

So I am poor and already necessarily have a frugal mindset.

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