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October 31, 2008


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Going to the Metropolitan Opera. Just a coincidence that the performance I wanted to see on the day of the week that is convenient for me was tonight.

I will go to my brother in laws for a pizza party, cake & ice cream because my mother in law's birthday is today. I have a halloween themed cake for the occasion. Then the kids will go trick or treating. Just a family affair!

Home Improvement party at my house - sadly it will only be me attending.

FMF - "Great costume"

Taking my daughter Trick-or-Treating. What else? :) We will meet up with some friends who also have children and take the kids around over in their neighborhood. Her son will be Spiderman and my daughther will be a Bumble Bee. Fun!

Trying to pretend we aren't home! We'll have movie night with the kids with a special treat of popcorn, homemade cookies, and Daddy's favorite candy- Reece's Cups!

We are going over to some friends house for a little get together. All of the kids will trick-or-treat in that neighborhood and the adults are planning on talking and handing out candy. Incidentally, this is the first year that I will be letting my son go out on his own. He's 10. I'm a little scared, but I know the kids he is going with and they are pretty responsible.

First, we will take the kids out to trick-or-treat. After that, we will probably watch some movies in our home theater.

I have a costume but nowhere to go. :(

"The Museum of Flight" becomes "The Museum of FRIGHT" tonight. I'll wear my mathemagician robe and hat.

I'm going to a party dressed like a panda.

Same thing I do every friday night -- work. Yeah, I lead a boring life.

Taking the kid out for his first Trick or Treat with the wife. Should be fun - he's dressing as a lion.

I was thinking of going as "Form 1040" but didn't have time to make the costume.

I'm going to take the kids trick or treating then the adults are going to have a get together.

Taking the youth of my church around the nearby neighborhoods to collect "Cans Not Candy" for the food pantry. Although I think will end up more like "cans and candy"

Kevin M,

All it takes is to stream about 12 feet of toilet tissue down your back and onto the ground. You can call yourself the "long form". ;-)

Happy 491st Reformation Day!

My brother is going Christmas caroling (he and his college friends always go caroling on Halloween). My wife and I are staying home to pass out candy but nobody has come by yet. Most of my family is probably at a church Harvest Festival.

I hate to sound like a Halloween version of Scrooge but I will be home, acting like I'm not. Each year I have more and more high school age kids, sans costume, knocking on my door looking for handouts and less and less cute little kids. This year I decided to pack it in. I love Halloween so I'm a little conflicted about my decision but it's the one I'm sticking with for this year.

I went to a wedding, and then out to a fantastic concert. We were going to go out again on Saturday, but I was too sore from dancing in heels at the concert.

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