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October 17, 2008


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Interesting relationship, body-building and personal finance, you would never think to put the two together even though you've made it clear that they work along the same principles. I'm all for setting goals and tracking spending, I've got a white-board and a notebook for daily expenses that helps me organize.
Over at Thrive where I work, that's what it's all about to - the best way to go about managing personal finance is to be concious of it and have it visible. It's funny that you refer to improving health because Thrive uses the term "financial health," because as you say its all about maintaining and watching out for health.
Spending money can be thought of as the snacking we do in between work-outs that we need to keep track of and which helps us think about our work-out routine.

Great analogy. I'm so glad that you came back to give an update. I stumbled onto your blog a couple of weeks ago, and I've come back to check on your status every day since. I just started a new blog, and this one is quite inspiring to say the least. I cannot wait until I reach some of the levels that you have been able to get to.

How long have you been body-building?

Caleb Nelson

Caleb --

It's a guest post.

Good analogy. Both body-building and investing take discipline, dedication, tenacity, and a lot of mental toughness. And you have to be a long-term thinker. And you have to have a strategy and be willing to stick to it. You also have to monitor your progress periodically.

My Pastor has used this analogy of physical exercise to illustrate a faith journey. He argues that with faith, you have to "train" your heart and mind to focus on the cross. Training, by definition, is working to eventually be able to do something that you can't do today on effort alone. I think the analogy works just as well with investing in the markets too.

This is a great post. I knew I was not the only one out that that saw this relationship!

I am a powerlifter and have been for about that past ten years. The leasons you learn "under the bar" transfer over to so many other asspects of life. Discipline... responsiblity... goal setting... ahhhhhh... the list goes on an one.

What an interesting and surprisingly appropriate analogy. Thanks.

The two steps I commonly espouse when counseling customers include "No Instant Effects" and "Start with Small Steps." First, I like to establish that a budget and savings plan is a long-term process and there are no short cuts. However, I still feel that people seeking to improve their financial picture need to see some progress to keep them motivated, so achieving these small steps may be the equivalent to adding an addtional 10 lbs. to the bar for a bench press.

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