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November 13, 2008


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I think I'm singlehandedly keeping our vet in business right now. I've spent several thousand in the last month for a series of routine visits and several not so routine issues. I've noticed fewer people in the waiting room and no problem getting same day appointments, I already guessed that people were cutting back on vet care.

I would never skimp on necessary care, but after my last annual visit for three dogs cost over $400, I won't be doing routine annual visits any more. Shots (rabies and DHPPV) are now good for three years. I don't need to have a heartworm test done on them annually when I am religious about giving them their preventative medication every month. I buy heartworm and flea medication online for a huge savings.

I have to wonder if vets aren't shooting themselves in the foot. At my vet, a routine office visit costs $58. Not including any medicines, procedures, etc. When I took all three in, I got a small discount off the visit cost, but it was still $58 plus $44 plus $44. For just seeing the vet. We were there maybe 40 minutes. I know running a practice costs money, and I really like my vet, but I still feel like I'm being held upside down and shaken.

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