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November 12, 2008


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Can't go wrong with cash - although in my experience some of those reward cards are tightening up as well.

I got the Chase Freedom card last year around April and up until about June this year I used that with my Capital One cash card. Then I realized that it would be smarter to build up my rewards on the Chase card by making all my purchases on the card and not just groceries, gas and fast food. Needless to say my cash rewards balance began to shoot up and now I'm only one billing cycle away from $200 rewards dollars (I currently have about $192), which I'll be using to get the $250 check!

Unfortunately, my credit card is the "noobie" credit card -- it's a first-timer. Hopefully I'll be able to get a different one within a year or so. ;-)

Looks like a lot of overseas travel; not much frugality there.

Good job! Regarding airline ff miles - they are not worth it. I've been a platinum business flier for American for 10 years. Each year they make changes. The biggest change you DON'T see which is not publicized is the reduction of free seats on a plane. They have less and less of the minimum miles seats which are taken by resellers as soon as available. What's left are the "anytime" seats which take up to 100,000 miles for coach. Miles are a rip off. Go for rebates.

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