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November 12, 2008


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I was shopping at a upscale outlet mall in north Dallas this past weekend. There were signs at the MAJORITY of the stores looking for holiday help.

My Dad retired in January and has been looking for a part-time job to supplement his pension ever since. He has tried everything (fast food, retail, pizza delivery, etc.) and there are NO openings at all.

Sounds like a recession coming. Add that to DHL laid off 9,500 jobs and Circuit City filed BK

Christmas will be rough for many

Yeah I already made this comment - mr m tried to get the seasonal job he had last year and isn't having any luck. Between the scaled back spending and competition from other job seekers, it's rough out there for the unemployed.


(There's a blogger who for six years gloated over good economic news, such as "BUSH ECONOMY: U.S. homeownership rate reaches record high!")

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