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November 05, 2008


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That sounds like my kind of afternoon! I have found a ton of useful information at Lowe's for free. I have also found a lot of helpful people at Lowe's. I have gotten the most help during a week day when things are not as busy. I learned that most of the discount stuff comes out on Thursday mornings, so that is the best time to go to get the best deals!

We go to Lowe's and Home Depot quite often. Sometimes we browse through just to see what kind of stuff they have on clearance. Their clearance prices are really good sometimes.

That's not geeky at all, it's some of the best guy time available. This country could use more of it instead of kids playing video games all day.

FMF, what do you think about the idea of home maintenance clubs as a cost saver (AP article):

Guinness --

Interesting idea!

I've done that. I keep my favorite handouts, along with home improvement magazine pictures and articles, for possible future projects in a box

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