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November 20, 2008


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I often times try to find the item on ebay or amazon. Some pretty good deals can be found online. Not necessarily for all items. You probably won't find good deals on popular Christmas items, but just about anything else.

Thank you for the Black Friday links! I really appreciated them as will my friends and family who love their "Extreme Shopping Day"! I love to use Fatwallet's alerts when I am looking for something special - especially tech related, though you can do other items as well. I list the item(s) I'm looking for by every possible name I can think of, then it sends the information to me. For a caregiver short on time, that's a BIG help. :)

PS - I went to Fatwallet after leaving my last comment and added a couple of Christmas gift ideas into the alerts. I discovered they have a Black Friday forum and now give you the option of searching both the hot deals AND the Black Friday forums. Very useful!

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