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November 18, 2008


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I usually try to make a to-do list on Friday PM for the following week. But my schedule is so erratic during my slower times that it's hard to plan out too far ahead since I don't usually have a backlog of work.

Because I might get a few early morning invites that I didn't expect I usually wait before I plan my day until I get in. I check email first thing, and then write down in a notebook my meetings for the day, and important tasks with little checkboxes to the left of them. It's cheesy but I get gratification in checking off items as they are completed. At night before I leave I make sure my tasks in Outlook are up to date, and repeat the process the next morning.

I wanted to point out that this works well for stay-at-home-parents, too. A lot more gets done, and in a much more timely and less crazy fashion, if goals and to-do's for the week are listed and prioritized. And like Mark, I'm cheesy and love to check off completed items on my list :)

Interesting but what if you work weekends and have random days during the week off? What is your plan for your blog during the weekend? I find that many bloggers do not update during the weekend. Also I was wondering how you feel about giving money away on a blog, something that I am currently trying.

I do something called, "No Meeting Fridays," and tell my team members they're empowered to do it too. It means, simply, that I don't make or accept meetings on Fridays. This is really hard at my company because the culture says it's acceptable to be in back-to-back meetings from 7:30 to 5:00 every day. But when do you get your work done then, and when is your thinking time? So I set my calendar to make it look like I'm out of office on Fridays; I've told my boss, team and all my clients/partners all about it; and so as not to make enemies or have a bad review I will take an emergency meeting on a Friday. But it has to be a true emergency. After a few months of doing this and evangelizing the idea, it totally stabilized. I've been doing it for over a year now and I'm super relaxed & productive on Fridays as a result.

I usually know what I have to do each day but the main problem I have is interruptions. Usually I try and get those out of the way in the morning so I can concentrate on real work in the afternoon.

On Fridays I usually tell the project to do whatever they want to make the project better. That way, because people want to do those things, something actually gets done on Friday afternoons :-)

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